The Frieda and Diego of Confectionary

JTC-FridaDiegoArticleThe romance between artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera have made history through the art created between their passion for their trade and for each other. Now, the honor of being titled “[t]he Frida and Diego of Confectionary” has been given to chocolatiers, Hasty and Jacques Torres.

Working and studying to be a confectioner, Hasty Torres learned the tricks of the trade through Mr. Chocolate himself, Jacques Torres. In this modern day chocolate romance, Jacques and Hasty Torres married and lived happily ever after, complete with his-and-hers companies: Jacques Torres Chocolate and Madam Chocolat. As Hasty Torres says, “The magical powers of chocolate keep the romance alive.” 

To try out the magical powers of chocolate with your sweetheart, pick up the Jacques Torres Kissing Game. Under each lip-printed bonbon is a suggestion of where your true love’s kiss should be placed.