Valentine’s Day

Channel One News reports on chocolate for Valentine’s Day

Maggie Rulli and Channel One News sat down with Jacques at the Hudson Street chocolate factory just before Valentine’s Day. Maggie had plenty of questions for Jacques and even tried her hand at making some chocolates herself.

Jacques’ Kissing Game in the WSJ Speakeasy column

Looking for Valentine’s Day gifts beyond the “cliche of a heart-shaped box of chocolates”, the Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy column featured 14 alternatives for February 14th.

The Jacques Torres Chocolate Kissing Game made the list!

Jacques offers Valentine’s Day gift suggestions came to Jacques Torres Chocolate looking for something more than just the typical box of chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Jacques was happy to offer a few suggestions for them.

“Everybody loves chocolates” Jacques tells Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal asked Jacques to explain why chocolate makes you feel good.

Jacques’ Champagne Truffles a best Valentine’s Day gift!

In a blind taste-test, Jacques’ Champagne Truffles were selected as the best tasting truffles and the best tasting chocolate gift over all for Valentine’s Day!

You can read the full taste-test results in Vera Gibbon’s Finacially Fit column on Yahoo! here.

Best Valentine’s Day desserts for kids in New York City

Time Out New York Kids includes two of Jacques’ Valentine’s Day offerings in their list of best desserts for kids.

I Love You Puzzles and Hugs & Kisses are available both in stores and online.

New York Magazine’s Sweet Surprises for Valentine’s Day

When highlighting Valentine’s Day chocolate treats that “go beyond the standard heart-shaped box”, New York Magazine showcased a few of Jacques’ favorites.

The I Love You Puzzle, Spanker Lollipop and Heart Shaped box filled with chocolate covered cheerios are available in stores and online.

Jacques on Love & Chocolate with Matt Miller of Bloomberg TV

Matt Miller of Bloomberg TV spent some time molding chocolate with Jacques. They chatted about cocoa prices, love, Valentine’s shopping, and, of course, chocolate.

Jacques & Daphne Oz make Valentine’s treats on The Chew

Jacques visited The Chew for their Choc-tacular Valentine’s Day show. He loved showing Daphne how to make his signature “Spanker”. They were joined by the rest of the hosts to decorate their Spankers, making them uniquely their own.


Chocolate Mousse on Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda

Jacques’ first stop on his television tour on Valentine’s Day was Today Show. What could be more fun than making chocolate mousse with Kathie Lee & Hoda? Watch as Jacques shows them a quick and easy way to make a beautiful dessert.