America’s Best Hot Chocolate

Forget Swiss Miss; the best hot chocolate has become a gourmet affair.

By Nina Fedrizzi

We’ve all had powdery hot cocoa—watery, only vaguely chocolaty, and occasionally crunchy with undissolved marshmallow clumps. Still, cocoa was—and is—the best thing to stir into a mug on a winter afternoon.

Today’s hot chocolate has come a long way from little packages with gritty marshmallows. From sipping chocolate flavored with secret Caribbean spices to house-roasted cocoa beans and celebrity truffle shops, America’s best hot chocolate has gone gourmet.

Jacques Tores, New York, NY

The eponymous factory/café of the city’s French-born chocolate prodigy serves up velvety bean-to-bar-to-cup creations with cocoa beans ground and refined on site.; from $3.55.

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