Mother’s Day

Jacques shares a Mother’s Day dessert recipe

Make Mom dessert this Mother’s Day!

While visiting the kitchen of The Daily Meal, Jacques showed host Ali Rosen a quick, easy and elegant dessert that would be perfect for the holiday.

Think chocolate and strawberries and watch the video here.

A Delicious Handbag for Mother’s Day


Purse Blog makes a good point – the only thing better than a handbag for Mother’s Day is “a delicious handbag”! We couldn’t agree more.

You can read the post in it’s entirety¬†here. Please note, however, that while, yes, the chocolate handbags are available in-store only, they are available in all of our retail locations, not exclusively at Hudson Street.



Jacques’ shoes & handbags a Delish! choice for Mother’s Day



Gift Mama, a blog about gift giving, has chosen to highlight Jacques’ chocolate wedge shoe, chocolate classic shoe and chocolate handbag as perfect gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Since her blog focuses on unique and creative gifts, we appreciate being included. Thanks for thinking of us!


Cinco de Mayo sweets & a Mother’s Day preview

As promised, here’s the clip from Jacques’ appearance on CBS2 News This Morning on Friday. He and the hosts made some spiced chocolates in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Brand new Mother’s Day chocolates made a special appearance as well!

Jacques caps off CBS2′ s Sweets Week!

Jacques paid a visit to the studios of CBS2 News This Morning earlier today to help them close out their Sweets Week.

Inspired by Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, their focus was spicy chocolates – Hot Tamale cookies, wicked hot chocolate and some Mother’s Day gift ideas as well.

We’ll post a link to the video and the recipe for the Chocolate Hot Tamale cookies when available.