chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies “Best Thing We Ate Last Night”

Tasting Table’s first annual Food Fight event took place in Dumbo last night. Jacques’ chocolate chip cookies represented the “chewy” cookie, while Tate’s Bake Shop represented the “crispy” cookie in a friendly battle of tastes.

Zagat’s “Best Thing We Ate Last Night” blog tapped Jacques as the “clear winner in our mind”.

We think everyone was a winner at Food Fight!

Real Simple says “Fantastic Mail-Order Cookies”


Want to send cookies as a gift this holiday season? Are you afraid of your oven or don’t own a cookie sheet?

We’ve got the perfect solution. Real Simple has selected Jacques’ famous Chocolate Chip Cookies as one of their “Fantastic Mail-Order Cookies to Give as Gifts”.

Don’t forget to send some to yourself!

Recipe Wars: Is Jacques’ Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe “The Best”?

You’ve enjoyed the chocolate chip cookies at our retail stores.
You’ve read the recipe. You’ve wondered if it was really the best chocolate chip cookie you could make.

Well, Recipe Wars has put the recipe to the test. Take a look here for their verdict.

The Chew

Last month, Jacques was invited to the ABC show The Chew, to teach host Daphne the secrets to chocolate chip cookie success. Hit the link for the recipe!