Jacques Offers $4 Shipping to Celebrate the Season of Giving!

Tis the season of thankfulness, generosity and $4 shipping! As a gift, Jacques is offering $4 shipping on purchases over $48 to 24 domestic US states.

Whether you are stringing lights on a Christmas tree, or lighting candles on a Menorah, Jacques has just the seasonal gourmet confections to satisfy any online gift giver, and most importantly, chocolate loving giftees!


*Offer valid for a limited time only. $4 shipping rate applies to orders of $48 and over, per address. Applied only to orders shipped via FedEx Ground to a street address in the following states(AL,CT,DE,GA,IL,IN,KY,ME,MD,MA,MI,MS,NH,NJ,NY,NC,OH,PA,RI, SC,TN,VT,VA,DC) Flat rate shipping automatically applied to all eligible orders (no promotional code needed). Not valid on any Express or Rush Shipping service. Not valid on previously purchased orders. Offer based on each recipient’s shipment total, not order total.

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Brooklyn Mag Feat. Jacques’ Happy Hour & Cocoa Health Benefits

After launching Hot Chocolate Happy Hour, Brooklyn Magazine featured this delectable deal in their Nov. 18th issue. Not only did writer Margret Eby, call Jacques’ liquid gold give out, “one of the best things about winter in New York”, but also highlighted the health benefits of hot chocolate.. “Jacques Torres has a list of “Did you know?” bullet points to defend you against potential hot chocolate haters. Like, seniors who drank two cups of hot cocoa a day for one month did better on memory tests, because the cocoa-partakers had better blood flow to the brain. And that hot chocolate has more antioxidants than green or black tea, or even wine.”

Not only is Jacques alleviating the stress on your wallet this season, he is also keeping you brain and mental facilities firing and healthy!

To read full feature, go to:  http://www.bkmag.com/2014/11/18/jacques-torres-kicks-off-hot-chocolate-happy-hour-today/



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Jacques Kicks Off Hot Chocolate Happy Hour!

With the days becoming shorter and the weather getting colder, what better way to welcome the changing seasons than with a mug of Jacques’ hot chocolate. Mmmmhmmm. The only thing better then one cup of that thick, flavor filled goodness, is TWO cups of that thick, flavor filled goodness!

As a treat for this season of thanks, Chef Jacques has officially kicked off Hot Chocolate Happy Hour! Monday – Friday, 5P – 7P. Purchase one hot chocolate get one free! Featuring his well loved Classic and Wicked flavors and introducing Peppermint and Gingerbread Spice. What a deal!

For Jacques Torres locations, go to:  https://www.mrchocolate.com/news/about/locations/



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Newark Airport Lands Jacques Torres!

Good news weary travelers! Chef Jacques will be setting up shop in the United Airlines Terminal at Newark Liberty International Airport. Some 28 new restaurants are planned with concepts devised from 24 high-profile chefs including Alex Stupak, Einat Admony, Amanda Freitag, Paul Liebrandt, Alex Guarnaschelli, Dan Kluger and of course Chef Jacques! The new wing is scheduled to be completed in 2016 with a renovation budget of $120 million dollars.

Jacques is thrilled his chocolate will be available to weary travelers daily. He knows his fans will be ecstatic to grab a little chocolate pick me up whether they are coming or going!

To read the full New York Times article, go to:  http://bit.ly/newarkairportdining



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Popsugar names Jacques Torres Hot Chocolate one of the ABSOLUTE Best in NYC

It may come as no surprise to anyone who has ever had Chef’s Jacques’ decadently thick and creamy hot chocolate that Popsugar has name it 1 of 3 best hot chocolates in New York City. Popsugar’s Allie Merriam visits Jacques’ Hudson store location to try the best in NYC for herself. After taking a sip, she exclaims, “Wow,” and describes her cup as thick, delicious and SO chocolatey.

Allie explains, Harvard School of Medicine study suggests 2 cups a day of hot chocolate can keep your brain healthy and decrease memory loss. What a reason to drink up! If you are going to follow doctor’s orders, what better choice of hot chocolate do you have then Chef Jacques!

To see the full video go to: http://bit.ly/1xoZEW4

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 12.12.23 PM


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Jacques’ New Orleans Trip for Charity

Not only is Jacques raising funds for Men’s Health, but he is also donating his time and efforts to the Emeril Lagasse Foundation. Jacques spent his weekend in New Orleans along side Chef Emeril, cooking and inspiring the disadvantaged youth of New Orleans.

Chef Lagasse created this very special foundation to help underprivileged kids and young adults realize their full potential and to make a positive, long lasting impression on their lives. This was Jacques 3rd year of participation.

The weekend also included the Boudin Bourbon and Beer Food Event as well as the Carnivale du Vin, which is hosted to raise funds for the kids through donations, live auctions and silent auctions.

Not only does Chef Jacques have a heart for chocolate, he also has a heart for Charity.

For more information on the Emeril Lagasse Foundation, go to: http://emeril.org/


See photos of Jacques fun and inspiring weekend below:

1426261_10152843626843205_2187605498375937085_n 10676157_10152841944033205_9137409370815832327_n 10173764_10152843694838205_785587027879775513_n 10414439_10152843911608205_1271603129650830627_n 10380271_10152843817078205_5266780672907594111_n 10407274_10152839912458205_869784826160353704_n

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Jacques’ Chocolate Movember Moustaches for Charity

Movember is once again upon us and with it brings Jacques’ Chocolate Movember Moustaches! Not only are these lollipops delicious to eat and fun to play with, but also lends support to a very important cause. Jacques has joined forces with the Movember community to raise funds for the Men’s Health Charity. Jacques will donate 50% of all profits made from these “mou-stacular” chocolate creations.

Available in-store and online!

If you would like to make a donation to help Jacques support this all important cause, go to: mobro.co/jacquestorres

choc v2 42




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Jacques shows CBS’ Alex Denis a Trick with Leftover Halloween Treats

Haven’t finished all that Halloween candy just yet!? Well don’t! Jacques shows CBS New York’s Alex Denis how to repurpose and recreate that mix bag of goodies. With a little Chef magic, Jacques turns generic treats into a unique delicacy to enjoy with family and friends, or, to devour all yourself.

To watch, go to: http://bit.ly/lftovrhalloweencandy


Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 12.34.30 PM

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Milk vs. Dark – Jacques gives his take on this age old question

Milk vs. Dark… How will our Master Chocolatier ever choose. Today.com sat Jacques down to ask the age old question: Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate? Which delectable contender is truly Chef Jacques’ favorite?

His answer was exactly what any true chocolate lover would expect..

“Dark chocolate is healthy—it is actually good for you! I mean, what more can I say? Except that you should eat dark ​chocolate every day! Milk chocolate is more comforting and creamy.

I like dark chocolate in most desserts, but especially with ice cream. Dark chocolate in a cake is nice for a rich, bitter and comforting taste. One of my favorite milk chocolate desserts is milk chocolate mousse. I also love to pair milk chocolate with nuts, especially almonds and hazelnuts.

Your vote?

You cannot make me choose… it’s impossible! My tastes and cravings for chocolate change throughout the day. As long as it is quality chocolate and with good origins, I’ll love it.”

To read the full article go to: bit.ly/darkvmilk


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Jacques Shares His Spooky Inspired Halloween Creations

Halloween is almost here and Jacques gives his fans an inside look at this season’s Halloween creations. From his ghostly lollipops, to his Spooky Duo centerpiece, Jacques shares why his delectable masterpieces are a must have for this spooky Halloween season.

Watch Video Below!


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