Why Do We Crave (Jacques Torres) Chocolate?

JT Chocolate

Believe it when they say, “it’s all in your head” because our research suggests they are right! Areas in our brain that control our memory and senses are partially responsible for those chocolate cravings.

At about the same moment you took your first bite of Jacques Torres milk chocolate bar, you would have experienced the “feel good” neurotransmitters called dopamine being released into different regions of your brain.

Dopamine helps us remember the positive experiences we have. Once our brains learn a positive association with, let’s say, Jacques Torres’ chocolate chip cookie, dopamine gives a little rise of anticipation whenever we walk by Mr. Chocolate’s window sill. Smelling or even seeing his chocolates reminds us of that first bite, hence the sense of craving.

If you have ever had a piece of Jacques Torres Chocolate, and enjoyed it, you yourself may not remember the first time you loved chocolate, but your brain does.

Chocolate is the perfect dessert.
We crave chocolate because it is good! From the taste, smell, even the way it feels when it melts on your tongue, chocolate has always been the key to our existence.