Serious Eats: Savory Dishes Made with Chocolate

Savory dishes made with chocolate? May sound strange, but savory chocolate foods and treats are growing in popularity and have become a unique staple for many progressive chefs.


In an article by Serious Eats, Jacqueline Raposo asks our Master Chocolatier what savory chocolate dish he recommends? Jacques’ response… Cocoa-Crusted Fish!

“You can use cocoa nibs as a spice—putting them into a spice grinder and using them in place of pepper—or as an ingredient, like a crust for salmon filets.

Cocoa butter can take a lot of heat, so spread melted cocoa butter on the salmon skin, then press the cocoa nibs on; flip it over and they’ll hold, then sprinkle the flesh with salt. Heat some more cocoa butter in a pan and then slide the fish in crust-side down. Once the crust forms, flip it over and finish it in the oven. The salmon should be pretty pink at the center; don’t overcook it.

You can do a sauce or not do a sauce with it; we usually remove the fat from the pan, add water, strain it, and then whisk in butter, salt, and pepper to make a very light sauce with just a subtle flavor of the salmon. Put that over a bed of leeks sautéed in cocoa butter with salt and pepper and maybe a little garlic.

Chocolate is also amazing in drinks. Add cocoa nibs to plain vodka to give it a great flavor (it takes a couple of weeks). Or make cocktails starting with a basic hot chocolate recipe, then add rum and mint, or a clear alcohol, then rim the glass with cocoa powder.”

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