Milk vs. Dark – Jacques gives his take on this age old question

Milk vs. Dark… How will our Master Chocolatier ever choose. sat Jacques down to ask the age old question: Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate? Which delectable contender is truly Chef Jacques’ favorite?

His answer was exactly what any true chocolate lover would expect..

“Dark chocolate is healthy—it is actually good for you! I mean, what more can I say? Except that you should eat dark ​chocolate every day! Milk chocolate is more comforting and creamy.

I like dark chocolate in most desserts, but especially with ice cream. Dark chocolate in a cake is nice for a rich, bitter and comforting taste. One of my favorite milk chocolate desserts is milk chocolate mousse. I also love to pair milk chocolate with nuts, especially almonds and hazelnuts.

Your vote?

You cannot make me choose… it’s impossible! My tastes and cravings for chocolate change throughout the day. As long as it is quality chocolate and with good origins, I’ll love it.”


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