Master Chocolatier meets Master Sculptor

The Sculptor

Carter R. Jones is a classically trained Master Sculptor with multiple awards, commissions and exhibitions. He has done work for Walt Disney Productions, Warner Brothers, Inc., Nickelodeon and many more.


The Story

When Master Sculptor Carter R. Jones walked into the Hudson location of Jacques Torres Chocolate on Valentines Day 2010, his singular intent was to speak to the Master Chocolatier about a possible collaboration. The idea had been brewing in Carter’s head for sometime as their shop and studio neighbored one another.

As he anxiously entered the busy store front, to his amazement and pleasant surprise, just behind the counter stood Jacques. Taken a back, Jones’ gathered himself and with cool determination walked right up to the Master Chef and simply introduced himself.

With a large smile and without thought or hesitation he took Jones on a grand tour of his shop showing him his latest products and new machinery. Jones was shocked at the candid openness and sincere excitement the Master Chocolatier displayed over their sudden meeting.

As their impromptu tour came to a close Jacques handed a bag of his gourmet love treats to Jones, wished him a happy Valentine’s Day and told him to come back Tuesday to discuss future projects.

Jones bid farewell to the Master Chocolatier and left the candy land with a smile reaching ear to ear. Jones could not believe that after all that time, wanting to get into Jacques Torres’ world, just a simple hello to a fellow artist made it all possible.

The Collaborations




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