Jacques & Andre Soltner Create the Perfect Crepes!

To ensure the opening of his first, highly anticipated, savory location was a success, Jacques brought in friend and famed chef Andre Soltner to perfect the one thing on the menu he felt was not up to the Jacques Torres standard. If anyone has ever tasted a Jacques Torres chocolate treat, you know that standard is very high!


After a little trial and error Soltner suggested browning the butter, or buerre noisette — as they say in French. The brilliant addition created a more intense flavor profile, perfecting and adding just the flavor Jacques was looking for — rounding out and completing the savory menu.

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The brand new Grand Central Savory location is now open in the concourse dinning level. Jacques is serving up quite the array of french inspired gourmet offerings, including:

25 Seasonal assorted ice cream and sorbets
Savory and sweet crepes
Signature Chocolate items
Open faced tartine sandwiches
Illy Coffee, hot chocolate, ice blended drinks

Check out Jacques newest location!