DNAinfo: NYC’s Most Sustainable, Expensive, Decadent & Boozy Hot Chocolates

It comes as no surprise that Jacques famous hot chocolate is once again making foodies list of the best in NYC. In an article by Emily frost, she names Jacques’ hot frothy cup of goodness as having the best mix-ins in NYC.


“Jacques Torres has a veritable chocolate empire that seems to be always expanding. And while his original hot chocolate is much lauded, his mix-in offerings are a way to take a rich treat to the next level. For 50 cents extra, the bartender will add in a swirl of homemade peanut butter, homemade orange puree, crushed peppermint or a shot of espresso — or if you want to live dangerously, a combination of these flavors. Peanut butter and peppermint anyone?”

To try Jacques delicious mix-ins, head into his nearest location today!

For full article, go to: http://bit.ly/1DcJPmX