Sweet September for City Meals on Wheels Charity

Jacques Torres Chocolate will be participating in “Sweet September” for City Meals on Wheels Charity. For every chocolate chip cookie sold, Jacques Torres Chocolate will be donating a percentage of the proceeds to the charity.

Citymeals-on-wheels makes it their mission to ensure no homebound elderly in New York will ever go a day without food or companionship. Last year, they brought 2 million nutritious meals to more than 18,000 elderly in New York.

Stop by any of our locations to give back to the community!

See other participants below.

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Dollar Off At The Rock

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The end of summer is drawing near and we only have a few moments to spare to consummate our summer memories. Every single one counts.

Jacques Torres Chocolate is the perfect place to enjoy the award-winning delicious desserts while you browse the shelves filled with handmade and hand-packaged chocolate confections.

Now through the end of August save $1 on Ice Cream Sandwiches at the Rockefeller Center Location.

– Jacques Torres


Life’s A Picnic (AUG24-28)

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Get excited for next week!

We are busy getting ready for this awesome free public picnic taking place throughout the week. The event will be held in Grand Central Station at the Vanderbilt Hall. There will be live entertainment, FREE Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and of course tons of food. All we need now is YOU!

Here is the schedule:
MONDAY, AUG. 24th 11AM – 2PM

Click here for more information.


The Sweet Side of Chocolate

IMG_8984According to Women’s Health Magazine, London researchers tested chocolate flavanols’ sun-protecting prowess.

After 3 months of eating chocolate with high level of flavanols, participants’ skin took twice as long to develop that reddening effect that indicates the beginning of a burn.
Subjects who ate conventional low-flavanol chocolate didn’t get the same sun protection.

So what are flavanols? Flavanols, a type of flavonoid in chocolates, are natural ingredients that come from plants such as cocoa. They are a plant’s way of protecting itself by taking away free radicals which prevent and stop cell damage. Flavanols not only protect the skin but also improve vascular health, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and even make blood platelets less “sticky” to increase blood flow.

Not all chocolates are created equal! Some chocolate, like the ones you find in grocery stores, LOSES flavanols due to over processing. The chocolate most likely to keep flavonoids isn’t commercial chocolate but gourmet chocolates, such as the chocolate from Jacques Torres.

If you want health benefits this summer, choose Jacques Torres’ dark chocolate because it contains higher levels of flavanol.

So long to the days of you feeling guilty for eating chocolate!

How to Build Your Own Gourmet S’More

How to Make Smores with Jacques Torres Chocolate Bars

Take your s’mores to the next level with Jacques’ premium chocolate, chocolate covered marshmallow, and cookies!

Here are the ingredients that will change the way you make s’mores…forever:

JTC Chocolate Bars Category




HINT: You can substitute the graham crackers to wrap your s’mores with Jacques Torres Chocolate Cookies! Make your own with Jacques’ new Chocolate Chip cookie mix! Making s’mores is an activity that all ages can enjoy and the best part is you don’t have to plan a camping trip to enjoy these sweets!

Happy Eating!

Yours Truly,
Jacques Torres