Aphrodisiac Collection – Love-Inspired Bonbons

Every Valentine’s Day, Jacques creates limited edition bonbons that are inspired by love. This year, he’s taken it a step further and incorporated ingredients that are deeply rooted in history as libido enhancers. Invigorate your lovers deepest desires with Jacques Valentine’s Day 2018 bonbon collection, featuring:


1Love Struck
Love Struck — a blend of fiery ginger, juicy pear and decadent dark chocolate. While the ginger increases body temperature, the dark chocolate releases a mix of euphoric endorphins, making this bonbon perfect for stimulating excitement.


Burning Passion
Burning Passion — a mix of velvety milk chocolate and zesty West African Grains of Paradise. Known for its peppery flavor with hints of citrus, African Spice augments sexual arousal as well as sexual behavior.

Sensual Secret
Sensual Secret — creamy white chocolate married with maca root and raspberry ganache. This sweet treat contains Peru’s ultimate aphrodisiac (maca root), which is known for boosting sex drive and fertility.

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