Jacques Torres Hosts “Harlem Eat Up” at Melba’s Resturant

Prized dining institution Melba’s restaurant invited Jacques to host the 2nd Annual Harlem Eat Up, an event that features the neighborhood’s top restaurants and invites renowned chefs to host and collaborate on a menu that showcases the vibrant and culturally diverse landscape of Harlem, NYC.

Jacques dessert course the “Paillasson”, consisted of layers of caramelized shredded phyllo dough and sliced almonds filled with banana flambe rum creme brûlée and berry sauce, topped off with cotton candy, was the icing on the cake of a fabulous food-filled evening.

Ranked Top Destination For Dessert in Brooklyn

ice cream


With an abundant amount of options for dessert in NYC, how do you decide where to go? The Culture Rip has created a list so you can eat your way through the city and experience only the best! With Memorial Day Weekend around the corner, make sure to stop by one of our 9 locations and cool off with one of our 30 flavors of homemade ice cream! Instagram photo by @noemimangual