About.com: 8 Great Spots for Hot Chocolate in NYC

Amsterdam_01_optJacques Torres Chocolate has been claimed as one of New York City’s 8 Great Spots for Hot Chocolate on About.com.

According to About.com, Jacques Hot Chocolate “goes well with the variety of baked goods and confections that are also available [in store].”

And, with several locations throughout Manhattan, Jacques’ Hot Chocolate will be the perfect companion on your daily commute.

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TimeOut: 10 Best Cookies in NYC

JTC-TimeOutTimeOut’s list of 10 Best Cookies in NYC has featured Jacques Torres’ Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Because of Jacques’ perfect equation of chocolate-to-dough ratio, crisp-around-the-edges, and quarter-size dark-chocolate chips, TimeOut warns “Watch your back, Toll House.”

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Haley Swindal & Jack Tantleff’s Wedding: Dessert by Jacques Torres

JTC-ActressAgentWeddingWhat better way to celebrate a wedding than a dessert table created by Mr. Chocolate himself? To quote the New York Times: “What Could be a Better Match?”

At the wedding of theatrical agent, Jack Tantleff, and actress, Haley Swindal,  “a confectionery table crowned with hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows” by Jacques Torres was created for the bride, the groom, and the wedding guests.

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The Frieda and Diego of Confectionary

JTC-FridaDiegoArticleThe romance between artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera have made history through the art created between their passion for their trade and for each other. Now, the honor of being titled “[t]he Frida and Diego of Confectionary” has been given to chocolatiers, Hasty and Jacques Torres.

Working and studying to be a confectioner, Hasty Torres learned the tricks of the trade through Mr. Chocolate himself, Jacques Torres. In this modern day chocolate romance, Jacques and Hasty Torres married and lived happily ever after, complete with his-and-hers companies: Jacques Torres Chocolate and Madam Chocolat. As Hasty Torres says, “The magical powers of chocolate keep the romance alive.” 

To try out the magical powers of chocolate with your sweetheart, pick up the Jacques Torres Kissing Game. Under each lip-printed bonbon is a suggestion of where your true love’s kiss should be placed.

Chef Alain Sailhac Celebrates His 80th Birthday with Jacques Torres

For renowned Chef Alain Sailhac’s 80th birthday, Sailhac’s wife and several esteemed colleagues (including Jacques Torres) secretly planned a surprise birthday party that would take place at Jacques Torres Chocolate.

Guests included: André Soltner, Daniel Boulud, Michel Nischan, Bill Yosses, Gabriel Kreuther, Marcus Samuelsson, Geoffrey Zakarian, Jimmy Bradley, Ariane Daguin, David Burke, Drew Nieporent, Charles Dale, Michael Lomonaco, Sam Hazen, Don Pintabono, Ron Ben Israel, Kerry Heffernan, Elizabeth Falkner, Sylvia Weinstock, Kevin O’Brien, Florence Fabricant, Mimi Sheraton, Olivier Reginensi, amongst others.

The party was graciously hosted by one of the last family-owned grand marque Champagne houses in the world – Champagne Taittinger. And, to celebrate, a six-level Champagne tower was created to toast Chef Alain Sailhac’s 80th birthday.


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