Travel Journal in Bandol


I spent the week in the San Martin region of Peru, along the Amazon Forest visiting farmers & plantations. They grow some of the best cacao beans. I can’t wait to receive those gorgeous beans back in my factory and have you taste the chocolate.


It was so great to be home in Bandol. One of my favorite things is to go to the port everyday. The sunsets here are irresistible.


There are so many beautiful tomatoes to choose from at Bandol local markets. I bought many different kinds and they were all juicy and really delicious.


So fresh! Caught in the Mediterranean and sold in the local market on the ports.


Bandol has gorgeous views


Surfers in Bandol ride waves till sunset.


Anyone thirsty? Bundle is known for the best Rose, I wish there was a selection this big in the states!


I picked up a few pounds of fresh Mediterranean sardines to grill at home.


My favorite farmer, Philippe La Pergola Roda. Always the best fruits and vegetables.


In America we pump gas for our car, in Bandol we pump wine for our soul!


Jacques Torres Adventures Seeks Development Manager


Development Manager
Jacques Torres Adventures seeks Development Manager

Job Duties:

• Manage the development of existing production plant and optimize the production operation.
• Participate in construction of new retail stores in the area by maintaining budget,forecasting for the project and being liaison between the CEO, architects and contractors.
• Managing the technical engineering issues, taking into consideration the type of machinery required for the operation of a confections business.

Minimum Requirements:

• Master’s degree in Engineering
• 2 years of experience in Civil Engineering or as an engineering manager
• Experience must include planning and designing retail food facilities and working with architects and contractors


Sweet September: 5 Reasons Why Jacques’ Chocolate Chip Cookies Are The Best

In honor of Sweet September, Jacques Torres will be donating to Citymeals for every chocolate chip cookie sold this month. So while you are scurrying over to one of our 9 locations, here are 5 reasons why you should run…faster.

1. The World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies is made by Mr. Chocolate himself.


2. According to USA Today, it’s one of the top 34 famous foods invented in America


3. You can make your basic dessert into the best dessert


Like the leaning tower of ice cream cookie sandwiches…

4. Remember, a balanced diet is a cookie in each hand


5. Life is short. Eat dessert first!


Are you there yet?


Sundae Funday

Step up your sundae game with Jacques Torres. Sundaes can be simple or elaborate. Make it your own!

Step 1: The Base

Start with what will hold your sundae. You may settle with a bowl, but have you considered Jacques Torres famous chocolate chip cookies as an alternative? Bake and make your own chocolate chip cookie bowls! Now, that’s next level.

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Step 2: The Ice Cream

Classic vanilla or get fancy with your favorite flavor. Jacques Torres has 25 flavors to choose from. Make it your next mission to try them all at any of our 9 locations!


Step 3: The Sauce

Jacques Torres premium hot chocolate fudge… it’s essential.

Jacques Torres Chocolate Hot Fudge Sauce


If you’re feeling extra adventurous try Jacques Torres Body Butter to add some smooth caramel.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.44.34 AM

Step 4: The Toppings

From chocolate covered pretzels to caramel popcorn…the options are endless! Add some texture to your sundae with these ingredients!

IMG_1370 IMG_1377

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. So enjoy!