Style Bistro: Jacques’ Instagram Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Style Bistro names Jacques’ Instagram top ten most salivating accounts!

Featuring a playful mixture of his delectable offerings and daily life surrounded by fellow food lovers, Jacques Instagram never disappoints.

Follow Jacques’ life of chocolate @jacquestorres


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Gothamist: The 10 Best Chocolate Shops in NYC

The Gothamist has named Jacques chocolate one the B-E-S-T in N-Y-C!

The article reads, “It’s been fifteen years since Jacques Torres opened his first chocolate workshop and boutique in DUMBO, long before Shake Shack moved in. Now, he’s got shops in high-and-mighty spots like Rockefeller Center and the Upper West Side, and a DUMBO outpost that doles out scoops of ice cream. Sweet Corn sorbet aside, the chocolate’s still the real draw here—the champagne truffles, creme brulee chocolate bar and chocolate-covered macadamia nuts are particularly good, as is the delectable (but very rich!) hot chocolate.”


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Business Insider: Jacques Reveals the Best Chocolate For Mind & Body

In a video interview by Business Insider Jacques explains which chocolate is the best for your mind and body. Jacques explains how chocolate elevates mood and even acts like Aspirin to prevent heart attacks! Watch full interview to learn how truly amazing chocolate is and why we love it so darn much.

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Master Chocolatier meets Master Sculptor

The Sculptor

Carter R. Jones is a classically trained Master Sculptor with multiple awards, commissions and exhibitions. He has done work for Walt Disney Productions, Warner Brothers, Inc., Nickelodeon and many more.


The Story

When Master Sculptor Carter R. Jones walked into the Hudson location of Jacques Torres Chocolate on Valentines Day 2010, his singular intent was to speak to the Master Chocolatier about a possible collaboration. The idea had been brewing in Carter’s head for sometime as their shop and studio neighbored one another.

As he anxiously entered the busy store front, to his amazement and pleasant surprise, just behind the counter stood Jacques. Taken a back, Jones’ gathered himself and with cool determination walked right up to the Master Chef and simply introduced himself.

With a large smile and without thought or hesitation he took Jones on a grand tour of his shop showing him his latest products and new machinery. Jones was shocked at the candid openness and sincere excitement the Master Chocolatier displayed over their sudden meeting.

As their impromptu tour came to a close Jacques handed a bag of his gourmet love treats to Jones, wished him a happy Valentine’s Day and told him to come back Tuesday to discuss future projects.

Jones bid farewell to the Master Chocolatier and left the candy land with a smile reaching ear to ear. Jones could not believe that after all that time, wanting to get into Jacques Torres’ world, just a simple hello to a fellow artist made it all possible.

The Collaborations




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Serious Eats: Savory Dishes Made with Chocolate

Savory dishes made with chocolate? May sound strange, but savory chocolate foods and treats are growing in popularity and have become a unique staple for many progressive chefs.


In an article by Serious Eats, Jacqueline Raposo asks our Master Chocolatier what savory chocolate dish he recommends? Jacques’ response… Cocoa-Crusted Fish!

“You can use cocoa nibs as a spice—putting them into a spice grinder and using them in place of pepper—or as an ingredient, like a crust for salmon filets.

Cocoa butter can take a lot of heat, so spread melted cocoa butter on the salmon skin, then press the cocoa nibs on; flip it over and they’ll hold, then sprinkle the flesh with salt. Heat some more cocoa butter in a pan and then slide the fish in crust-side down. Once the crust forms, flip it over and finish it in the oven. The salmon should be pretty pink at the center; don’t overcook it.

You can do a sauce or not do a sauce with it; we usually remove the fat from the pan, add water, strain it, and then whisk in butter, salt, and pepper to make a very light sauce with just a subtle flavor of the salmon. Put that over a bed of leeks sautéed in cocoa butter with salt and pepper and maybe a little garlic.

Chocolate is also amazing in drinks. Add cocoa nibs to plain vodka to give it a great flavor (it takes a couple of weeks). Or make cocktails starting with a basic hot chocolate recipe, then add rum and mint, or a clear alcohol, then rim the glass with cocoa powder.”

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EATER: 16 Essential Chocolate Shops Coast to Coast

In a unique article by Eater, Daniela Galarza lists the 16 essential chocolate shops to visit from coast to coast. Of course, Jacques Torres Chocolate makes the list!


She writes, “Jacques Torres Chocolate has the Valentine’s Day market cornered, but it’s his caramelized macadamia nuts enrobed in milk chocolate that set our hearts aflutter. Visit Jacques Torres’s Hudson Street shop for a mug of velvety hot chocolate or order bonbons online.” Jacques Torres chocolate is a must eat destination for any chocolate lover!

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USA TODAY: Sweet (and suggestive) treats for Valentine’s Day

USA Today featured Jacques playfully suggestive Valentine’s Day treats. From the Spank Me lollipops to the Do Not Disturb Door Hangers, Jacques knows what it means to create chocolate that gets the blood pumping in more ways than one!


Hurry in store today! You wont regret it.

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Driscoll’s Strawberries: Only the Finest this Valentine’s Day

Jacques has teamed up with Driscoll’s to make the finest hand dipped and decorated strawberries around. In keeping with Jacques commitment to real, high quality and fresh ingredients, Driscoll’s offers only the finest hand picked berries. To further his vow, Jacques and his staff tirelessly work until the wee hours of the morning to ensure the freshest product possible.

Coupled with Jacques premium artisan chocolate, these strawberries are the quintessential Valentine’s gift everyone will fall in love with.

Pre-order yours TODAY! Call (212) 414-2462.




AM New York: Fall In Love with Aphrodisiacs in NYC

In article written Melissa Kravitz in AM New York, Jacques seductively delicious chocolate covered strawberries are featured as one of the top aphrodisiacs in NYC.

Melissa writes, “According to the Oxford English Dictionary an aphrodisiac is a drug, preparation or food that invokes lust,” explains food historian Francine Seegan. “Something that gets blood flowing to….well all the right places!”


“Because of their seductive color back in the Renaissance strawberries were called ‘fruit nipples’ and considered powerful aphrodisiacs,” said Seegan. While it’s not really strawberry season, you can find a box of elegant chocolate-dipped strawberries at Jacques Torres — two aphrodisiacs in one!”

Made with premium Driscoll’s strawberries, these elegantly dipped and drizzled delights make the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. Pre-order yours today! Click here for further details.

Jacques Torres Customer Service:
(718) 875-1269

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